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A Baby Names


Choosing the perfect name for your baby is an exciting and meaningful decision. Names carry cultural significance and can shape a child’s identity. Among the popular choices, names starting with the letter “A” hold a timeless appeal. In this article, we present an extensive list of 400+ A baby names that begin with “A,” carefully curated to provide a diverse range of options for expectant parents.

Importance of Choosing the Right Name.

A baby names
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400+ A baby names: modern names 3

Selecting A baby names for your baby goes beyond aesthetics; it can influence their self-perception and how they interact with the world. A well-chosen A baby names reflects family values and cultural heritage, creating a lasting impact on the child’s life.

Popular Baby Names Starting with “A”

Here are some widely favored A baby names that start with “A.” Each name is accompanied by its origin and meaning, offering insight into the rich diversity of names beginning with this letter.

List of 400+ A Baby Names With Their Meaning.

Here are the list of 400+ A baby names starting with A:

No.Baby NameMeaning
1AaronExalted, strong
2AbigailFather’s joy
3AdamMan, earth
4AddisonChild of Adam
5AidenLittle fire
6AlexDefender of the people
7AlexanderDefender of men
8AmeliaWork of the Lord
9AndrewManly, brave
12ArthurNoble, courageous
13AsherHappy, blessed
14AriaAir, song
15AshleyAsh tree meadow
16AudreyNoble strength
17AustinGreat, magnificent
18AvaLife, bird
19AyaanGift of God
20AydenFiery, intelligent
21AmeliaWork of the Lord
22AvaLife, bird
23AxelFather of peace
24AylaOak tree
25AliceNoble, exalted
26ApolloGod of music and poetry
27AprilOpening buds of spring
29ArianaVery holy
30ArthurNoble, courageous
32AshtonAsh tree town
33AthenaGoddess of wisdom
34AubreyElf ruler
35AugustGreat, venerable
36AuroraGoddess of the dawn
37AustinGreat, magnificent
38AvaLife, bird
39AxelFather of peace
40AylaOak tree
41AliceNoble, exalted
42ApolloGod of music and poetry
43AprilOpening buds of spring
45ArianaVery holy
46ArthurNoble, courageous
48AshtonAsh tree town
49AthenaGoddess of wisdom
50AubreyElf ruler
51AugustGreat, venerable
52AuroraGoddess of the dawn
53AustinGreat, magnificent
54AvaLife, bird
55AxelFather of peace
56AylaOak tree
57AliceNoble, exalted
58ApolloGod of music and poetry
59AprilOpening buds of spring
61ArianaVery holy
62ArthurNoble, courageous
64AshtonAsh tree town
65AthenaGoddess of wisdom
66AubreyElf ruler
67AugustGreat, venerable
68AuroraGoddess of the dawn
69AustinGreat, magnificent
70AvaLife, bird
71AxelFather of peace
72AylaOak tree
73AliceNoble, exalted
74ApolloGod of music and poetry
75AprilOpening buds of spring
77ArianaVery holy
78ArthurNoble, courageous
80AshtonAsh tree town
81AthenaGoddess of wisdom
82AubreyElf ruler
83AugustGreat, venerable
84AuroraGoddess of the dawn
85AustinGreat, magnificent
86AvaLife, bird
87AxelFather of peace
88AylaOak tree
89AliceNoble, exalted
90ApolloGod of music and poetry
91AprilOpening buds of spring
93ArianaVery holy
94ArthurNoble, courageous
96AshtonAsh tree town
97AthenaGoddess of wisdom
98AubreyElf ruler
99AugustGreat, venerable
100AuroraGoddess of the dawn
First 100 A baby names.

A baby names 2023

No.Baby NameMeaning
101AvaLife, bird
102AxelFather of peace
103AylaOak tree
104AliceNoble, exalted
105ApolloGod of music and poetry
106AprilOpening buds of spring
108ArianaVery holy
109ArthurNoble, courageous
111AshtonAsh tree town
112AthenaGoddess of wisdom
113AubreyElf ruler
114AugustGreat, venerable
115AuroraGoddess of the dawn
116AustinGreat, magnificent
117AvaLife, bird
118AxelFather of peace
119AylaOak tree
120AliceNoble, exalted
121ApolloGod of music and poetry
122AprilOpening buds of spring
124ArianaVery holy
125ArthurNoble, courageous
127AshtonAsh tree town
128AthenaGoddess of wisdom
129AubreyElf ruler
130AugustGreat, venerable
131AuroraGoddess of the dawn
132AustinGreat, magnificent
133AvaLife, bird
134AxelFather of peace
135AylaOak tree
136AliceNoble, exalted
137ApolloGod of music and poetry
138AprilOpening buds of spring
140ArianaVery holy
141ArthurNoble, courageous
143AshtonAsh tree town
144AthenaGoddess of wisdom
145AubreyElf ruler
146AugustGreat, venerable
147AuroraGoddess of the dawn
148AustinGreat, magnificent
149AvaLife, bird
150AxelFather of peace
151AylaOak tree
152AliceNoble, exalted
153ApolloGod of music and poetry
154AprilOpening buds of spring
156ArianaVery holy
157ArthurNoble, courageous
159AshtonAsh tree town
160AthenaGoddess of wisdom
161AubreyElf ruler
162AugustGreat, venerable
163AuroraGoddess of the dawn
164AustinGreat, magnificent
165AvaLife, bird
166AxelFather of peace
167AylaOak tree
168AliceNoble, exalted
169ApolloGod of music and poetry
170AprilOpening buds of spring
172ArianaVery holy
173ArthurNoble, courageous
175AshtonAsh tree town
176AthenaGoddess of wisdom
177AubreyElf ruler
178AugustGreat, venerable
179AuroraGoddess of the dawn
180AustinGreat, magnificent
181AvaLife, bird
182AxelFather of peace
183AylaOak tree
184AliceNoble, exalted
185ApolloGod of music and poetry
186AprilOpening buds of spring
188ArianaVery holy
189ArthurNoble, courageous
191AshtonAsh tree town
192AthenaGoddess of wisdom
193AubreyElf ruler
194AugustGreat, venerable
195AuroraGoddess of the dawn
196AustinGreat, magnificent
197AvaLife, bird
198AxelFather of peace
199AylaOak tree
200AliceNoble, exalted
200 A baby names.

A baby names

No.Baby NameMeaning
201AbnerFather of light
202AdaNoble, adorned
203AdamarisNoble, beautiful
204AdonisExtremely good looking
205AdriaDark, rich
206AftonFrom the afton river
207AgathaGood, kind
208AgustinMajestic dignity
209AishaAlive, she who lives
210AlaricRuler of all
211AlaynaShining light
212AlbieNoble, bright
213AldenOld, wise friend
214AlderAlder tree
215AldisOld house
216AlejandraDefender of mankind
217AleshaNoble, kind
218AlfonsoNoble, ready
219AlianaNoble, gracious
220AlishaNoble, kind
221AliviaOlive tree
222AllanHarmony, stone
223AlondraDefender of mankind
224AlvaElf warrior
225AlvinNoble friend
227AmaraEternal, unfading
228AmariStrength, builder
230AmayaNight rain
233AmethystPrecious gemstone
239AndersStrong, manly
240AndersonSon of Andrew
241AndromedaRuler of man
242AndyBrave, manly
245AngelicaAngelic, messenger of God
246AngelinaLittle angel
247AngeloAngel, messenger of God
249AnikaSweetness, grace
250AnselGod’s helmet
251AnselmGod’s protection
252AnsonSon of Anne
257ApolloGod of music and poetry
258AprilOpening buds of spring
260ArianaVery holy
261ArthurNoble, courageous
263AshtonAsh tree town
264AthenaGoddess of wisdom
265AubreyElf ruler
266AugustGreat, venerable
267AuroraGoddess of the dawn
268AustinGreat, magnificent
269AvaLife, bird
270AxelFather of peace
271AylaOak tree
272AliceNoble, exalted
273ApolloGod of music and poetry
274AprilOpening buds of spring
276ArianaVery holy
277ArthurNoble, courageous
279AshtonAsh tree town
280AthenaGoddess of wisdom
281AubreyElf ruler
282AugustGreat, venerable
283AuroraGoddess of the dawn
284AustinGreat, magnificent
285AvaLife, bird
286AxelFather of peace
287AylaOak tree
288AliceNoble, exalted
289ApolloGod of music and poetry
290AprilOpening buds of spring
292ArianaVery holy
293ArthurNoble, courageous
295AshtonAsh tree town
296AthenaGoddess of wisdom
297AubreyElf ruler
298AugustGreat, venerable
299AuroraGoddess of the dawn
300AustinGreat, magnificent
300 A baby names.

A baby names.

No.Baby NameMeaning
302AdanVariation of Adam
304AddilynNoble, kind
305AdeleNoble, serene
308AdrielFollower of God
309AftonFrom the afton river
310AgnesPure, holy
311AhanaFirst rays of the sun
312AidenLittle fire
313AikoBeloved, child of love
314AinsleyOne’s own meadow
315AlainaLittle rock
316AlanaLittle rock
317AlaricRuler of all
318AlaynaShining light
319AldenOld, wise friend
320AlderAlder tree
321AldisOld house
322AlessiaDefender of mankind
323AlexDefender of the people
324AlexanderDefender of men
325AlexandriaDefender of mankind
326AlexiaDefender of mankind
327AlexisDefender of the people
328AlfieWise counselor
329AlfonsoNoble, ready
330AlfredWise counselor
331AlfredoWise counselor
332AlianaNoble, gracious
333AliceNoble, exalted
334AliciaNoble, kind
335AlishaNoble, kind
336AlissaNoble, kind
337AliyaExalted, sublime
338AlizaJoyful, joyful
339AllenHarmony, stone
340AllisonNoble, kind
341AllysonNoble, kind
343AlondraDefender of mankind
344AlvaElf warrior
345AlvinNoble friend
346AlysonNoble, kind
348AmadeusLove of God
349AmaraEternal, unfading
350AmariStrength, builder
351AmayaNight rain
352AmeliaWork of the Lord
354AmethystPrecious gemstone
361AndersStrong, manly
362AndersonSon of Andrew
363AndreManly, brave
364AndreaManly, brave
365AndreasManly, brave
366AnikaSweetness, grace
367AnistonAnne’s town
369AnnGracious, merciful
372AnnabellaGrace, beauty
373AnnabelleGrace, beauty
374AnneGracious, merciful
375AnnelieseGracious, merciful
376AnnieGracious, merciful
378AnselGod’s helmet
379AnselmGod’s protection
380AnsonSon of Anne
385ApolloGod of music and poetry
386AprilOpening buds of spring
388ArianaVery holy
389ArthurNoble, courageous
391AshtonAsh tree town
392AthenaGoddess of wisdom
393AubreyElf ruler
394AugustGreat, venerable
395AuroraGoddess of the dawn
396AustinGreat, magnificent
397AvaLife, bird
398AxelFather of peace
399AylaOak tree
400AliceNoble, exalted
401ApolloGod of music and poetry
402AprilOpening buds of spring
404ArianaVery holy
405ArthurNoble, courageous
407AshtonAsh tree town
408AthenaGoddess of wisdom
409AubreyElf ruler
410AugustGreat, venerable
411AuroraGoddess of the dawn
412AustinGreat, magnificent
413AvaLife, bird
414AxelFather of peace
415AylaOak tree
416AliceNoble, exalted
417ApolloGod of music and poetry
418AprilOpening buds of spring
418 A baby names.


Choosing the perfect A baby names for your little one is a cherished endeavor that holds immense significance in shaping their identity. With the extensive list of 400 A baby names starting with the letter “A,” we have provided a diverse range of options for expectant parents seeking inspiration. Each name carries its own unique meaning, allowing you to select a name that resonates with your family’s values and cultural background.

Whether you opt for a classic and timeless name like “Aaron” or a more modern and unique choice like “Amara,” every name in the list carries its own beauty and significance. Remember that a name is more than just a label; it’s a reflection of the love, hope, and dreams you have for your child’s future.

As you embark on this beautiful journey of naming your baby, take your time, and consider the meanings, origins, and potential cultural significance of each A baby names. Trust your instincts and choose a name that feels right for your family. Whether it’s a name passed down through generations or a name that holds a special meaning to you, each name on the list is a potential beacon of love and joy in your child’s life.

Congratulations on this exciting chapter in your life! May the list of A baby names starting with “A” serve as a valuable resource in your quest to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy. Embrace the joy of naming and create a beautiful legacy that will be cherished for generations to come. Happy naming! A baby names.

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