Baby names that start with M in 2023

Names That Start With M.

Mia“mine” or “wished-for child”Latin
Mason“worker in stone”English
Maya“illusion” or “magic”Sanskrit
Mila“gracious” or “dear”Slavic
Madeleine“of Magdala”Hebrew
Mateo“gift of God”Spanish
Matilda“strength in battle”Germanic
Michael“who is like God”Hebrew
baby names that start with M


Hey there, fellow parents and soon-to-be-parents! Today, we’re diving into the world of baby names, focusing on those delightful monikers names that start with M letter Naming your little bundle of joy is a momentous decision, and we’re here to help you explore a plethora of unique, charming, and meaningful names that begin with this magical letter.

Names That Start With M (Overview)

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So, why should you consider “M” names for your precious little one? Well, beyond their melodic sound, these names often carry a sense of strength, wisdom, and creativity. Many “M” names have fascinating historical backgrounds, while others are modern inventions brimming with charm. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or trendy, this letter offers a remarkable variety of options to suit every taste.

Classic Names that start with M: Timeless Elegance

Let’s start with the classics! These names that start with M have stood the test of time, exuding a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

  1. Mary: A name of biblical origin, Mary has been beloved for centuries, symbolizing purity and grace. It’s a name that holds a special place in the hearts of countless parents around the world.
  2. Michael: With its Hebrew roots, Michael means “who is like God.” This strong and resilient name has been worn by archangels and warriors alike, making it a steadfast choice for your little hero.

Modern “M” Names with a Twist

Looking for something fresh and modern? These names that start with M have a contemporary flair that’s sure to captivate your imagination.

  1. Mila: Short, sweet, and oh-so-stylish, Mila has been on the rise in popularity. It’s of Slavic origin, meaning “gracious” or “dear,” making it a perfect choice for your beloved little one.
  2. Maverick: If you’re seeking a name with a bit of edge and individuality, Maverick might just be the one. It suggests a free spirit and a trailblazer personality, perfect for a child destined to forge their own path.

Names That Start With M (Origin)

The letter “M” boasts an impressive diversity of name origins, each carrying its own rich history and cultural significance.

Hebrew Heritage

Many “M” names find their roots in Hebrew culture, reflecting profound meanings and stories.

  1. Miriam: This Hebrew name means “wished-for child” and is associated with Moses’ sister in the Bible. It’s a name that celebrates hope and joy.
  2. Micah: A unisex name of Hebrew origin, Micah means “who is like God.” It’s a name with a beautiful spiritual essence.

Latin and Roman Inspirations

The ancient Roman civilization has also influenced some captivating “M” names.

  1. Marcus: A name of Latin origin, Marcus signifies “male, brave, or warlike.” It was a popular name among Roman emperors and remains a strong choice today.
  2. Mia: Though a diminutive of Maria, Mia has gained popularity as a name in its own right. It carries the meaning of “mine” or “wished-for child.”

Unearthing Celtic Gems

The Celtic heritage offers enchanting “M” names rooted in nature and mythology.

  1. Maeve: Derived from the Celtic queen of Connacht in Irish mythology, Maeve embodies strength and sovereignty, making it a compelling choice for a little leader.
  2. Maxen: With its Celtic origins, Maxen means “greatest” and is perfect for parents who envision greatness for their child.

List Of baby names that start with M.

MadelineHigh towerEnglish
MasonWorker in stoneEnglish
MicahWho is like GodHebrew
MarcellusYoung warriorLatin
MatiasGift of GodSpanish
MeadowField or meadowEnglish
baby names that start with M.
MariamArabic form of MaryArabic
MustafaChosen, selectedArabic
MahaWild cow, gazelleArabic
MaramAspiration, wishArabic
MiriamArabic form of MaryArabic
MounirShining, brightArabic
MarwaFragrant plantArabic
Arabic baby names that start with M.
MiriamBitter, belovedHebrew
MichalWho is like GodHebrew
MosheDrawn out of the waterHebrew
MatityahuGift of GodHebrew
MaayanSpring of waterHebrew
MeitalDew dropsHebrew
MicahWho is like GodHebrew
MoriahChosen by GodHebrew
MikaWho is like GodHebrew
MalachiMy messengerHebrew
MirelaGod spoke, or God’s sayingHebrew
MeshulamPaid for, peaceHebrew
MiritBitterness, or rebellionHebrew
Hebrew baby names that start with M.
MakenaHappy oneKikuyu (Kenya)
MirembePeaceLuganda (Uganda)
MoyoHeart, lifeShona (Zimbabwe)
MalikKingArabic (North Africa)
MthunziShade, shelterZulu (South Africa)
MansaKing, emperorBambara (Mali)
MhinaRay of lightSwahili (East Africa)
MaimounaBlessed oneWolof (Senegal)
MeseretFoundationAmharic (Ethiopia)
MwenyaA word, a matterBemba (Zambia)
MohaleLuckySotho (Lesotho, South Africa)
MudiwaBelovedShona (Zimbabwe)
MansataThird-born girlMandinka (Gambia, Senegal)
MoribaOne who is like a teacherBambara (Mali)
MunasheWith GodShona (Zimbabwe)
MuziHouseZulu (South Africa)
MagomaHarvestSwahili (East Africa)
MakenziBorn of fireKikuyu (Kenya)
MelatBeautifulAmharic (Ethiopia)
MawusiIn the hands of GodEwe (Ghana, Togo)
Africa baby names that start with M.
MasonWorker in stoneEnglish
MatthewGift of GodEnglish
MorganSea circleWelsh
MarcusWarlikeLatin (used in the UK)
MadeleineHigh towerEnglish
MillieGentle strengthEnglish
MitchellWho is like GodEnglish
MarthaLadyAramaic (used in the UK)
MiriamBitter, belovedHebrew
MartinWarlikeLatin (used in the UK)
MatildaBattle-mightyGermanic (used in the UK)
MauriceDark-skinned, MoorishLatin (used in the UK)
MarcusWarlikeLatin (used in the UK)
MagnusGreatLatin (used in the UK)
MorganCircling seaOld Welsh (used in the UK)
Uk baby names that start with M


In conclusion, names that start with M open a treasure trove of possibilities for your little one’s identity. From timeless classics to modern marvels, and with origins that span the globe, you’re sure to find the perfect “M” name that resonates with your heart and captures the essence of your precious child. So go ahead, explore, and embrace the magic of “M” names as you embark on this unforgettable journey of parenthood!

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